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What’s this blog all about? The good life! Themed parties, good food, and world travel. There will be hosting ideas, scrumptious recipes and outrageous photos. Let it be both your escape and your guide!

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What is a bon vivant? No two dictionaries have the same definition, but wrapped all together, they make a perfect package. While the French translation is simply “one that lives well,” it has come to mean that les bon vivants enjoy good food and drink, live a luxurious, sociable lifestyle and have refined taste.

Anyone who knows me could tell you of my obsession with 1960′s socialites and the legendary bashes they threw. I’m no Kennedy, but I’m known to throw over-the-top themed parties, work as a food critic and travel the world. I love a buttery Scotch in a glass tumbler. I’m thrilled by parties where costumes are as mandatory as the signature cocktail. I believe no stroll in Rome is complete without a good gelato.

Too much media is dedicated to perpetuating negativity – zeroing in on celebrity cellulite while the poor things are at the beach with their families. Political pundits playing for their team, pretending not to see the glimmer of good on the other side. With all the malicious gossip and venting in the blogosphere, it’s time to even the score with something fun, informative and a little glamorous.

For those who believe in The Great Gatsby, decking the halls and la dolce vita, this blog is for you!          

Thanks so very much for reading.


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